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Filtrete™ offers both traditional and smart filters. Learn about what makes them different below.

Air Filter Replacement

  • 3 Filtrete™ Traditional HVAC Air Filters

    Get maximum filtration with optimal airflow in your current HVAC system. Unlike fiberglass filters, Filtrete™ Brand filters help protect your heating and cooling system and improve your indoor air quality by cleaning the air as it passes through the filter. Designed with exclusive 3-in-1 technology from 3M, Filtrete™ air filters trap unwanted air particles while letting cleaner air flow through.

  • Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter and smart phone displaying Smart App

    Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters help take guesswork out of knowing when it’s the right time to make a change. Simply connect your filter to your mobile device via Bluetooth® and bring your home’s air filtration system into the 21st century with active filter life tracking, environmental air quality info, tips for improving your air, and easy filter replacement ordering — it’s all in one convenient app.

Reasons to try a Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter

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    Filter Life

    Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters are outfitted with a sensor that helps monitor air flow and usage – not just time – letting you know when it’s right to make a change.

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    Outdoor Air Quality

    The Filtrete™ Smart App can display outdoor air quality information for multiple locations, so you can monitor your air quality anytime, anywhere.

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    Trends, Tips & Alerts

    Filtrete™ Smart App notifications keep you informed about your air filter life and provide active tips for helping to improve the air quality in your home.

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    Replacement Made Easy

    The Filtrete™ Smart App keeps track of your specific filter type and size and makes it easy to order replacement filters.

Meet Filtrete™ Smart Air Fileter
Filtrete™ Smart App on Smart Phone

Improve your home's air with the Filtrete™ Smart App.

Installing your Filter

Follow our easy step-by-step installation instructions.