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Filter Change Reminders the Way You Want

Get a custom filter change reminder based on your home environment. There are a variety of factors that can impact the life of a filter (pets, cooking, candles, smoking, etc.), and having the proper clean air filter can help capture unwanted particles in your home's circulating air, helping you and your family to breathe easy.

With that in mind, Filtrete™ Brand created a few great options based on the type of change reminder you would like to use.

Filtrete Smart Air Filter 1500

Take the Guesswork Out of Home Air Filter Replacement

Know when it’s the right time to change with the Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter. Our smart filters are outfitted with a sensor that connects to your smart phone’s Bluetooth®, which monitors air flow and usage of your heating & cooling system – not just time. The air filter reminder app will send reminder notifications to your smart phone when your filter life is low and when it’s time to replace. In addition to tracking smart filter life, the reminders app also features air quality info, tips for improving your air, and easy replacement air filter ordering.

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    Filtrete™ Smart App Reminders for Any Filter

    Don’t have a Smart Air Filter? That’s not a problem! The Filtrete™ Smart App now allows you to set a timer for your standard Filtrete™ Brand filters. The app allows you to set timers for multiple filters, and you can choose your preferred reminder timing for each. You will receive notifications on your smart phone once the filter change timer is low or at zero to remind you to order a new one.

    In addition to the timer, you will also receive the same great benefits of the Filtrete™ Smart App, which allows you to track outdoor air quality, as well as receive helpful tips and alerts.

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    Filtrete™ 365 Email Change Reminders

    Your lifestyle affects how quickly your home's air filter expires. Let us help you create a healthier home environment by taking its characteristics into account by setting up a profile based on a few short questions. We can calculate the air filter change interval for your home.

    You will receive monthly emails that are personalized to your home environment, which includes helpful tips and information, as well as your estimated filter life. When it is time to change the air filter, you will also receive an email reminder.

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What people are saying

  • Apple Logo - Worth it - 5 Stars

    I really enjoy the ease with the app. Sends updates regularly and reminds me before the filter is out so I can purchase a replacement in time. Really glad I use this product.

  • Google Review - 5 Stars

    Great way to ensure the air filters are changed on time. After all, with our busy lifestyles, we tend to forget replacing these important filters which contribute significantly to our overall health.

  • Apple Logo - I love this app! - 5 Stars

    Takes the guessing game out of when, and when not to, change your air filter. Everything is monitored right from your phone. Additionally, you get an alert when it is time to replace. Love it!

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