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Your lifestyle affects how quickly your home's air filter expires. Let us help you create a healthier home environment by taking its characteristics into account. With lifestyle factors such as smoking, home temperatures and more we can calculate how often you should change your filter. Having the proper filter can also help reduce the spread of allergenic particles in your home's circulating air.

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When it's cold or hot outside, your air conditioner or furnace could be working extra hard, meaning your filter may need to be changed more often. Filtrete™ Brand has a proprietary algorithm that considers your home environment when making recommendations on when it's the right time to change your filter. For example, we use your zip code to pull in historical weather data to help inform how hard your heating and cooling system is working based on the outdoor temperature and the temperature you keep your home set to.

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The EPA recommends changing your 1" filter every three months (4 times a year) but if you have factors in your home where you would change more often please select below.

Recommendations for a 4" or 5" filter are to change once per year.
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