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Filtrete™ Filters

For over 30 years, Filtrete™ Filters have delivered cleaner air to millions of homes, becoming a leader in residential air filtration. As a result, Filtrete™ Brand is the most trusted brand* for indoor air cleaning filters on the market today.​

*2022 HVAC Air Filter category Ipsos US Brand Health Survey ​

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    3M™ Proprietary Technology

    Click on the yellow circles to learn more.
    Click on the yellow circles to learn more.
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More pleats mean more surface area to fill with unwanted particles.

Filter Media
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Filtrete Filter media is less than 15% fiber - the rest is air. The low density allows air to flow through and helps the filter load through the depth of the media, not just on the surface.

Electrostatic Charge

Most Filtrete Filters (those MPR 300 and above) are pleated with an electrostatic charge. The charge acts like a magnet to capture microscopic allergens and particles without restricting airflow.

MPR and MERV Ratings

The higher the MPR, the more microparticles your filter will help capture from the air (think pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses.)

More familiar with MERV ratings? Learn more about how our filters stack up.

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Filtration for your entire home

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    Air Filters

    Get maximum filtration with optimal airflow in your current HVAC system.

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    Room Air Purifiers

    From small to large rooms, we've designed a family of True HEPA room air purifiers to fit your lifestyle.

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    Water Filters

    Make your water filtration system even more efficient and get cleaner, purer water throughout your home.