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Filtrete™ Smart App

Filtrete™ Smart is available for iOS and Android devices and will help you understand and manage your home's air quality. It provides useful tips and alerts customized to your home's environment, and will send notifications to your smartphone when it's time to replace your filter.

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An app that helps you stay air aware

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    Outdoor Air Quality

    The app can display outdoor air quality information for multiple locations, so you can monitor your air quality anytime, anywhere.

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    Notifications keep you informed about your air filter life and provide active tips for helping to improve the air quality in your home.

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    Ordering Made Easy

    The app keeps track of your specific filter type and size and make it easy to order replacement filters.

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    Works with all Filtrete™ Air Filters

    Don’t have a Smart Air Filter? No problem. Scan the barcode of any Filtrete™ Air Filter to set up a timer.

Compatible smart products

Pair the Smart App with your favorite compatible smart products to enhance your Filtrete™ experience.

  • Works with
    Google Assistant

    Ask for air quality updates and control your Filtrete™ Smart devices by linking with your Google accounts.

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    Amazon Alexa

    Ask for air quality updates and control your Filtrete™ Smart devices directly through Alexa.

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    Automate services and trigger actions based on your preferences by linking your IFTTT account with the Smart App.

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    Siri Shortcuts

    Ask Siri about remaining filter life or check if your filter needs a replacement. You can also get information about air quality outdoors or indoors (with a compatible indoor air quality monitor.)