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Installing your Air Filter

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you change your 1" filter at least once every three months and your 4"+ filters at least once a year.

A few simple steps

  • Filtrete™ Air Filter in plastic packaging
    Remove packaging

    Remove plastic packaging and paper insert from filter, leaving cardboard frame intact.

  • Airflow arrows on the top of Filtrete™ Air Filter
    Point arrows towards blower motor

    Find the airflow arrow and point it toward the AC/heat blower.

  • Placing Filtrete™ air filter in wall HVAC unit
    Wall unit: place filter in Unit
  • Placing Filtrete™ air filter in central HVAC unit
    Central unit: slide filter into unit
Filtrete™ Smart App on phone screen

Get Filter Change Reminders with the Filtrete™ Smart App.