A woman holding a Filtrete Smart Air filter using the Filtrete Smart App.

Welcome to Filtrete™ Brand Smart Home Products!

Filtrete™ Brand offers smart options to help you understand and manage your home’s air quality. Including air quality management from monitoring and cleaning your indoor air, to tracking your Air Filter’s life and reminding you to change your filter right when you need a replacement – Filtrete™ Brand has you covered.

  • Connect your Filtrete™ Products to the app to manage them conveniently from your smartphone

  • Sensor technology monitors air flow and usage of your heating & cooling system to track the life of your filter.

  • Get custom filter change reminders based on your preferences and home environment.

  • Monitor and clean your air 24/7.

Three smart home devices
Learn how to connect your Filtrete™ Brand products to your favorite Smart Home Assistants!