Siri Shortcuts Set Up Guide

Connect your Filtrete™ Smart App and other Smart Products to Siri to perform tasks like setting a schedule for your Smart Air Purifier or to control its functions remotely.

Head on shot of Siri Smart Device sitting on brown coaster and displayed on a wooden table or desk. Potted plant and cup of coffee sit behind just out of focus.
  • Enable Siri Shortcuts. Image of phone on the Siri Shortcuts page. Has suggested shortcuts and buttons to add, review, or edit your shortcuts
    Step 3: Select “Siri Shortcuts” and all the available shortcuts will appear

    Enable Siri Shortcuts

    1. Open the Filtrete™ Smart App and tap on the “+” at the bottom of the screen
    2. Tap on “Connect Smart Home Product”
    3. Select “Siri Shortcuts” and all the available shortcuts will appear
    4. Tap on a shortcut to customize it or add it to your Siri
  • iOS Shortcuts app. Image of phone on create personal automation page. You can check the air quality in the rooms you have devices set up. Suggestions on what you can do sit below. Each box has option to add new shortcuts.
    Step 3: Tap on “Create Personal Automation.”

    iOS Shortcuts App

    Siri Shortcut Automations. To set up automation for Siri Shortcuts (available only on iOS13 and higher):

    1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
    2. Select “Automation” at the bottom, middle selection.
    3. Tap on “Create Personal Automation.”
  • Scheduling your Automation. Image of phone. List of available devices
    Example Automations

    Example Automation: Schedule Air Purifier On/Off

    1. Select “Time of Day”
    2. Select your preferred schedule, then tap “Next.”
    3. Tap “Add Action.”
    4. Search for the Filtrete™ Smart App and tap on “Set Smart Air Purifier Control.”
    5. Use the on-screen prompts to select your “Device” and “Fan Speed”
    6. Tap the drop-down carrot to view additional options and select “Power” to choose to automatically turn your device On or Off.
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Get started with the Filtrete™ Smart App.