• New House Cleaning Checklist: What to Clean Before You Move In

    Tackle moving day the clean way with these easy tips.

    What to clean before you move into a new house.

    • Moving to a new home is all about fresh starts—so don’t let dirt and grime dinge-up your new beginning. Spend a few extra hours cleaning your new house before the moving truck arrives, and again before settling into your new digs, to help ensure that your new home is as clean as it is sweet.

    New House Cleaning Checklist

    • New house cleaning tip: Begin before the moving truck arrives

      • Chances are you’ll be packing up your non-essential items first. Give knick-knacks and anything else that may have been collecting dust a thorough once over with a feather duster before wrapping them up.
      • Boxing up books? Before you do, put on a pair of cloth gloves and wipe down each book from top to bottom.
      • Don’t bring grimy gadgets into your new space. Dip a toothpick in rubbing alcohol to rub around the buttons on phones, remotes and other gizmos.
      • Once you’ve emptied your bookshelves, wipe them down and any other standing furniture pieces with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the backsides—dust has likely been gathering there for years.
      • Are the movers ready to load your upholstered furniture and mattresses? Not before you vacuum them! Use the brush attachment on your HEPA vacuum to suck up dust from your existing home before your furniture transfers it to your new place en masse.

      New house cleaning tip: Refresh before you unpack your boxes

      • Bring a brand new air filter for your new home’s heating and cooling system and install it right away. To help rid the house of any smells leftover from the previous owner, consider a Filtrete™ Odor Reduction Air Filter. features an active carbon layer to minimize odors from pets, smoke, cooking, mildew and cleaning chemicals.
      • Before unpacking dishes and kitchen gear, wipe down cabinets (interior and exterior) and countertops. Dust pendant lights, range hoods and any other surfaces where kitchen dust likes to collect.
      • Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to thoroughly go over drapery panels, then vacuum every square inch of your new home’s carpeted floors. After all, once you move in beds and other large pieces of furniture, it could be awhile before they see the light of day again.
      • Remove all traces of leftover dust from window sills and millwork with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Don’t forget the stairs—wipe down railings, balusters and newel posts.
      • Don’t let ceiling fans kick around the previous owners’ dust. Tape down the wall switches for safety, then clean each blade with an extendable microfiber duster. Or, if you think the grime looks like it’s been there awhile, spritz the inside of an old pillowcase with a mix of water and vinegar before slipping it over each blade, pulling it back to trap built-up dust.

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