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  4. New Year, New Home: How to Clean Your Air for the Ultimate Winter Refresh
  • Refresh Your Air, Refresh Your Home

    A few easy ideas for ridding your home of stale indoor air.

    Move stuffy air out and fresher air in.
    • There’s a lot to love about winter, but the way our homes start making us feel a tad claustrophobic is definitely not one of them. The sheer amount of time we spend inside, coupled with the fact that we can’t throw open all the windows to catch fresh breezes, can make even the heartiest winter enthusiast feel a little gloomy. But take heart: You can kick the stale-air blues with these easy tips.

    • Keep Things Clean

      Sure, the kids aren’t tracking in dirt from the baseball field this time of year, but just because your home seems cleaner in the winter doesn’t mean that it actually is. It’s important to stay on top of your household cleaning chores. When the holiday hustle and bustle dies down, why not tackle the bigger cleaning tasks that can elude us the rest of the year?

      Pick one or two of your most dreaded cleaning to-dos and cross it off the list. If you vacuum the upholstery and drapes, clean out the fridge and freezer, or scrub the dishwasher filter and interior now, it’s one less chore to deal with when spring cleaning rolls around.

    • Get a Baking Soda Boost

      One of your grandmother’s favorite cleaning tools should be in your arsenal as well: baking soda. Help get the dingy smell out of rugs, upholstery and carpet with a few shakes of baking soda. Let the baking soda sit for a few minutes to work its magic before vacuuming it up.

    • Launder Your Linens

      You wash your bed sheets regularly, but what about your duvet cover or those cozy fleece throws you keep stashed in the living room for movie nights? Give all of your blankets, comforters and decorative pillow covers (check laundering labels first!) a spin in the washing machine. They’ll emerge fresh and clean, and you’ll be impressed with the resulting boost in your home’s overall air quality without those dingy textiles throwing off musty odors.

    • Go Ahead, Open a Window

      Once or twice a month, it’s okay to open a couple of windows or the front door to let that bracing air into your home, even if it’s just for a minute. Inviting in some of that crisp winter air is sure to revitalize your home—not to mention your mood.

    • Diffuse Spring Scents

      Ditch the candles and try a Filtrete™ Whole House Air Freshener. Choose a scent that says “spring” to you—such as Linen Breeze or Floral Bouquet—and get ready to enjoy up to 30 days of scented bliss.

    • Filter Out Stale Air

      Be sure to regularly swap out your heating and cooling system’s air filter to help keep dust, dust mite debris, mold spores and other yucky particles out of your home’s indoor air. In winter months, consider swapping out your usual filter for a Filtrete™ Healthy Living Air Filter which outperforms fiberglass, washable and non-electrostatic 3-month pleated 1” filters.