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  • 6 Home Maintenance Projects for Spring

    Complete these small repair tasks after a long winter.

    Address minor issues on your home's exterior before they pose larger problems later.
    • Winter can wreak havoc on your home, but there are simple fixes that can help you avoid bigger problems.

    • Plug Leaks

      Whether you noticed a bit of a draft during the winter, or you pulled off your window insulation and found air leaks, spring is the time to fix windows and doors. New weather-stripping will often do the trick, and improves energy efficiency, too. Cracked or damaged caulk should also be removed and replaced.

    • Prepare the Air

      You may need to hire this one out for a full tune-up, but with air conditioning season right around the corner, make sure everything is flowing and blowing as intended. Start by checking the air filter. Replacing the filter will not only help keep your air cleaner, it may lower your air conditioner's energy consumption up to 15 percent*.

      It's also important to check the air conditioner coils and coil fins to make sure they are clear of debris and are undamaged.

    • Get Rid of Rot

      Inspect your house siding to determine if anything needs to be repainted, fixed or replaced to help it function and look better. Siding is built to last, so a simple cleaning may be all you need.

    • Control Pests

      Small holes can lead to big pest problems. You may need to call a pest control service if you find evidence of bugs, but it's also important to seal off any possible entry points.

    • Maintain the Roof

      A qualified roofer should inspect your roof every few years, but spring is a good time to check for leaks, cracks or loose shingles. Be extra careful if you climb on the roof, and if you aren't comfortable with heights you may be able to look for leaks through the attic.

    • Fix the Gutters

      Gutters can take a beating during the winter months. Before the big summer storms roll in, double check that water is flowing away from the house and there are no cracks or damage to the gutters or downspouts.