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  • How to Bring 4 Favorite Fall Scents into Your Home

    Harvest these ideas for fun ways to celebrate the scents of the season.

    Fill your home with favorite scents to celebrate fall.
    • Autumn gives us so many things to love: crisp and clear days, weekend tailgating, spiced lattes and fuzzy sweaters, to name but a few. And then there are the wonderful scents of autumn. Who can’t help feeling warm and cozy when catching a whiff of fresh pumpkin pie or hot apple cider? To help you celebrate autumn, here are three easy ideas for bringing favorite fall scents into your home.

    • Pumpkin

      The easiest and fastest way to warm your home with the quintessentially autumn scent of pumpkin is to bake pumpkin bread. Fortunately, numerous boxed quick breads make it a snap, and you’ll not only enjoy the scent emanating from your oven (it will last the entire day!), but you’ll also delight your family with a delicious fall treat.

      Need some instant pumpkin gratification? Light a pumpkin-scented candle. But try to use a healthier-for-your-home option by choosing one made with essential oils and wax that doesn’t contain paraffin. The “cleaner” your candle, the better it will be for your home’s indoor air.

    • Cinnamon apples

      As far back as Shakespearean times, people have appreciated the wonderful aroma of apples mulled with spices. In those days, folks would cook wassail—a cider seasoned with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg—over an open fire for hours to enjoy the taste and scent of that prized beverage.

      Thankfully, things are much easier today. Just attach a Filtrete™ Whole House Air Freshener in the Crisp Cinnamon Apple scent to your Filtrete™ Air Filter. It’ll work its way through your home’s air vents for consistent, long-lasting scent throughout your home. No bubbling cauldrons or smoldering campfires required.

    • Fall spices

      Love the warmth and coziness of classic fall spices? You can infuse your kitchen with the scent of nutmeg and cloves for several hours by creating a simmer pot. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, then add whole cloves, ground nutmeg, and orange peel and lower the water temperature to a simmer. Be sure to turn off the burner when the water level gets low. This is an especially smart idea of you want to create a warm and welcoming vibe for entertaining.

    • Cedar and pine

      Autumn wouldn’t be complete without long walks through forests with crunching leaves underfoot. Bring that tantalizing, outdoorsy smell inside by creating a simple potpourri. Scoop up fallen pinecones the next time you take an autumn stroll. When you get home, place them in an attractive bowl and sprinkle them liberally with cedar wood or pine essential oil. Voila—a pretty potpourri that smells much better and more natural than anything you could find in a store.