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  • Essential Cleaning Supplies for Pet Owners

    Power your house clean with pet-friendly cleaning products that actually do the job and keep your pets safe.

    Powerful, chemical cleaning agents can be harsh for your pets. Here’s an at-a-glance guide at what to avoid and what to stock.

    • Powerful, chemical cleaning agents can be harsh for kids and toxic for dogs and cats. Keep your house cleaner and your mind at ease knowing which supplies are safer for pets. Here’s an at-a-glance guide at what to avoid and what to stock.

      What cleaning supplies to avoid or use with caution

      The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) provides a list on its website outlining which household products are at risk for cats and dogs. Among them are:

      • Bleach. While pet parents love this for thoroughly cleaning out cages, it should always be diluted and then rinsed off thoroughly.
      • Carpet shampoos and cleaners. Carpet powders and chemical cleaners can cause paw irritation and upset stomach. Best to keep pets away until the cleaning process is complete and any residue is vacuumed up.
      • Fabric softener sheets. These soft sheets can cause drooling, vomiting and ulcers. Used sheets have minimal amounts and less risk, but new sheets can be highly toxic and cause intestinal blockage.
      • Odor-reducing sprays and spraying mops. These quick go-tos can cause skin irritation and upset stomach, especially if a pet licks them while still wet. The ASPCA recommends following the directions and keeping pets away until surfaces are dry.*
      • Toilet cleaning tablets. Bacterial-related illness could occur from stagnant toilet water and these tablets are more harmful if digested before diluted. Best bet is keeping the toilet closed and redirecting dogs back to a good old-fashioned water bowl.

      Safer cleaning choices for your pets

      • Baking soda. A pet-friendly, pantry staple that cleans surfaces and deodorizes.
      • Vinegar and water. Note: this DIY all-purpose cleaner (equal parts vinegar and water) can still cause vomiting if a dog or cat ingests undiluted vinegar. As long as it dries before a pet returns inside, it’s still a better, chemical-free option.
      • Natural, plant-based all-purpose cleaners are better alternatives to harsher, chemical driven products. When it doubt, read labels and steer clear of anything containing bleach, formaldehyde, isopropyl or phenols which are all risky chemicals when ingested.