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  • 7 Hard-to-Reach Spots to Clean This Spring

    From ceiling fans to door frames, don’t forget about these oft-overlooked areas.

    From ceiling fans to air vents, here’s how to tackle seven spots that are hard to reach.

    • When it’s spring cleaning time, thoughts of dusting the bookcases and decluttering the closets may come to mind—but it’s also a great excuse to take stock of the areas in your home that may have been neglected during the winter. From ceiling fans to air vents, here’s how to tackle seven spots that are hard to reach.

      How to clean ceiling fans

      Unfortunately, you can’t just flip the switch and hope the fast rotation will propel dust off the blades. The best way to clean a ceiling fan without making a mess is to run a pillowcase over the length of each blade. This collects the dust, rather than allowing it to fly into the air and onto the floor.

      How to clean door frames and baseboards

      One of the biggest culprits of dirty door frames are fingertips—that’s because our prints are naturally oily, creating a surface that attracts dust. Start by vacuuming loose particles, then mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into a gallon of water. Using a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the frame, this solution will effectively cut through the grease. This technique also works well for baseboards.

      How to clean refrigerator coils

      Keeping your refrigerator coils free of dust, pet hair and cobwebs ensures the appliance will continue to run effectively, saving you energy and the cost of repairs down the road. After moving the fridge away from the wall and unplugging it, use your vacuum attachment to clean up the larger pieces of debris. Finish by using a duster to clean between the coils.

      How to clean shower tracks

      Between hair strands, skin cells and rust buildup, showers are teeming with bacteria and gunk—and if you have a sliding shower door, cleaning the track can be particularly difficult. For a simple, DIY solution, coat the area in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Let it sit for five minutes, then scrub away the grime with a hard-bristle brush.

      How to clean air vents and blinds

      A regular duster doesn’t always do the trick when it comes to tidying air vents. Instead, dip a thin cloth in a cleaning solution and wrap it around a butter knife. Slide the knife through each air vent slit for a deeper clean. Similarly for blinds, secure damp rags to both ends of a pair of tongs, and run the utensil along every slat.