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  • 6 Cool Things the Filtrete™ Smart App Can Do

    If you haven’t downloaded our app, what are you waiting for?

    All the Cool Things the Filtrete™ Smart App Can Do

    • Did you know your smartphone can act as a real-time filter reminder? All you need to do is download our Smart App and install a new filter to begin taking advantage of its functionality. Here’s a half-dozen things our app can do for you on your quest for better indoor air:

      1. Truly track your filter status

      Your air filter is an easy thing to forget about. You install it in your HVAC system, life happens and you may not remember to change it 90 days later. Another possible scenario: you get a new dog and begin remodeling your kitchen in the same season. In this instance, that same filter may be working overtime within those 90 days—so much so, that we’d actually recommend you change it more frequently.

      If you pair a Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter to the app, it’ll analyze real usage data to tell you how much life your filter has. It’ll also send you a notification when it’s time to change. Thank you, Bluetooth®!

      2. It’s not just for our Smart filters

      All of our filters work with the app. Simply open it, scan the barcode on your filter’s packaging and then choose 30, 60 or 90 days for your replacement countdown. When the lifespan is up, you’ll get a notification to change your filter. Easy peasy.

      3. Track more than one filter

      Some houses have more than one HVAC filter. Some families have vacation homes. No matter your filter count, you can add each to the app, give them a clever nickname and track from wherever you are.

      4. Help improve your indoor air quality

      We’re all about providing homes with cleaner, fresher air. So, every other week, we share educational quick tips to ease your home maintenance routine.

      5. Remember your filter size and buy replacements easily

      Few people can rattle off their filter size without looking. Let our app be the shopping cheat sheet you know you’ve needed. Make shopping a breeze with in-app ordering, or shop smarter in-store with the app pulled up.

      6. Monitor outdoor air quality

      Using data from multiple air quality sensor networks, the app shows the quality of the outdoor air in the U.S. You can see your current location or plug in zip codes of interest to monitor various cities. The rating scale is from very good to very poor, and you can look at the past day, month and year.