• Stop Pet Odors in Their Tracks

    Your animal’s aroma is no match for these simple stink-reducing tricks.

    Sleeping Cat

    Though adorable, pets are, frankly, smelly family members. There’s no getting around that fun fact. But you can be the boss of all their questionable odors. All it takes is a few tricks up your sleeve.

    • Annihilate the vilest of vapors with white vinegar.


    • Anyone looking to send scary scents back to their maker on a whole-house level? Consider vinegar your weapon of choice. It also works wonders as a cleaner for walls, shelves, windowsills and wood furniture.

      Step 1: Fill a bowl with vinegar.

      Step 2: Set bowl in suspicious area(s).

      Step 3: Go somewhere fun for the day. Or head to the office—if you must.

      Step 4: Come back to a dwelling free of offending funk.

    • Let cat litter take the sting out of closet stench.

      Let’s say a certain furry friend* did a number on (or in) the place your clothes call home. Never fear: Cat litter is here.

      Step 1: Place a dish or container of cat litter inside your closet or other enclosed area.

      Step 2: Check back every so often to see that the undesired scent is disappearing.

      Step 3: Dealing with deeply defiled items of apparel? Place them in a suitcase or enclosed plastic container with the cat litter.

      Step 4: If your shoes are ground zero, sprinkle a bit of litter right inside them. Remove litter before adding feet.

      *If the culprit in question is an actual feline, take care to close off the deliberately “littered” areas so the entire house doesn’t become kitty’s 24/7 pit stop.

    • Make baking soda your go-to freshener for upholstered furniture and carpets.

      This is a fantastic pre-shampooing tactic for anyone who doesn’t want to merely mask the scent with sprays.

      Step 1: Sprinkle surface or area fabric with baking soda.

      Step 2: Use a cleaning brush to spread it around and into the fabric.

      Step 3: Let it sit overnight so the baking soda has a chance to absorb and neutralize the odors. Make sure sunlight doesn’t hit the covered area, or it will bleach the fabric.

      Step 4: Vacuum up the baking soda. Notice with delight that your items have been restored to their pre-stench glory.

    • Twenty-five times more effective at odor removal than other carbon filters*, our filter features exclusive Filtrete™ Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M to pull in and trap unwanted air particles while letting cleaner air flow through, in addition to an active carbon layer designed to remove odors from pets, smoke, cooking, mildew and chemical cleaners.

      Step 1: Notice how the filter’s first layer traps unwanted air particles like dust and pollen.

      Step 2: Enjoy the fact that the second layer also captures unwanted air particles and gasses that create the unpleasant odors.

      Step 3: Breathe easier knowing cleaner air is flowing through the filter.

      Step 4: Change your filter at least every 90 days for maximum stink reduction (and resulting happiness).

      * Based on comparison of organic vapor capacity vs. other national retail furnace filter brands.