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  • Let’s Clear the Air 30-Day Challenge

    Thirty days’ worth of small tasks that can add up to big results.

    Thirty chores to help improve indoor air quality, including washing all bath and hand towels.

    No need to turn your life upside down in search of cleaner air in your home. Try your best to complete one simple task a day, and you’ll quickly be on your way to better indoor air quality. Ready, set … go!

    • Day 1:

      Clear clutter from kitchen counters and coffee tables. These are prime spots for dust to accumulate.

      Day 2:

      Make your own natural cleaning solution.

      Day 3:

      Buy an aloe plant. If you already have one, give it some water and a good dusting.

      Day 4:

      Replace your kitchen sponge.

      Day 5:

      Toss anything in the fridge that’s past its prime.

      Day 6:

      Freshen up your garbage disposal by sticking a few lemon wedges in the empty reservoir.

      Day 7:

      Get rid of candles. Soot is no friend to your indoor air.

      Day 8:

      Set up a shoe mat inside the front door, and encourage everyone to take their shoes off.

      Day 9:

      Give your bathroom a once-over to look for mold. Here’s how to get started.

      Day 10:

      Have a pet? Give him or her a good brushing outside to collect any loose hair.

      Day 11:

      Opt for organic produce today. Keep pesticides and other chemicals away from your home.

      Day 12:

      Check to see if you’re keeping any chemicals in the basement. Best to move these out to the garage.

      Day 13:

      Wash your bed sheets in extra-hot water to kill dust mites.

      Day 14:

      Run a dehumidifier in the basement to help pull mildew-causing moisture out of the air.

      Day 15:

      Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? Schedule a professional inspection and cleaning.

      Day 16:

      Open the windows for a few minutes if your local outdoor air quality is OK. You can track it via our Filtrete™ Smart App on your mobile phone.

      Day 17:

      Steam clean carpets in high-traffic areas—think living room, dining room, stairs, etc.

      Day 18:

      Run a damp microfiber cloth over the top of bookcases to remove dust.

      Day 19:

      Wash all bath and hand towels.

      Day 20:

      Deep clean the filter in the range hood above your stove. Learn how here.

      Day 21:

      Sanitize your smartphone.

      Day 22:

      What kind of bed linens do you use? Explore the pros and cons of hypoallergenic materials.

      Day 23:

      Get rid of dust hiding out on ceiling fans.

      Day 24:

      Take a lap around the house and look for any cracks or leaks that may be letting cold air in. Make a plan to caulk these gaps.

      Day 25:

      Give faucets throughout the home a good wipe-down using a one part water, one part vinegar solution.

      Day 26:

      Clear off any open shelving and give the surface a good dusting.

      Day 27:

      Clean and deodorize your dishwasher.

      Day 28:

      Wipe down window sills and frames.

      Day 29:

      Toss your shower curtain and liner in the washing machine.

      Day 30:

      Use a lint roller to collect dust on lamp shades.


      *Natural Cleaning Solutions
      **Bathroom Mold
      ***Filtrete™ Smart App
      ****Cleaning Your Stove
      *****Sanitize Your Smartphone
      ******Hypoallergenic Bed Linens
      *******Deodorize Your Dishwasher
      ********Wash Your Shower Curtain