• Fast and Easy Ways to Zap Dust

    Super-simple and seriously fast tricks keep your home’s nooks and crannies dust-free.


    If you hate dust, and you hate to dust, then these are some must-try cleaning tactics.

    • Ceiling fan

      Carefully slide a pillowcase over one of your ceiling fan’s blades (while it’s off, of course). Wipe off the top of the blade with one side of the pillowcase while the other side hangs below, effectively knocking the dust right into the case. Repeat on remaining blades. Shake the case outside, then wash as usual.

    • Mattress

      Strip your bed down and then jump on it—or let your little ones to jump on it for you—to release deep-down dust. Vacuum immediately.

    • Lampshades

      Run over them with a lint roller on the regular.

    • Throw pillows

      Spot clean if needed, then toss them into the dryer along with a fabric softener sheet or washcloth dampened with vinegar. Run on “fluff” for 20 minutes to half-an-hour or so.

    • Drapes and curtains

      Don’t bother with removing them. Simply use your vacuum’s upholstery or brush attachment to carefully (and regularly) suck away dust as they hang. A quick once-over with a lint roller or handheld static duster works, too.

    • Window Blinds

      Slip an old sock over your hand, coat with dusting spray, if desired, and quickly run along each slat.

    • Window screens

      With a large paintbrush, dry “paint” your screens. Brush around the frame and along the sill, too, to loosen dirt and grime. Then quickly run over the whole shebang with your vacuum’s brush attachment.

    • Phone and remote control

      Dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and swipe between buttons to dust, clean and disinfect.

    • Bathroom vent

      Spray thoroughly with a can of compressed air, available at your local office product or home store, then wipe the exterior clean with a damp sponge.