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  • Back to School—Not Germs

    Do everything you can to keep your home healthier this school year by stocking up on cleaning and disinfecting essentials.

    Stock up on essential household supplies to keep your home healthier.

    Shopping for school supplies is a much-anticipated task for families each fall. This year, as you’re filling your cart with pencils, folders and notebooks, why not make your trip to the store even more efficient?

    Take this handy list with you, and you’ll be ready to stock up on household essentials to keep your home fresher, healthier and as germ-free as possible throughout the school year.

    • Surface spray:

      Numerous sprays on the market can be used on multiple surfaces, including granite, stainless steel, tile and laminate. Grab a few bottles and stash them in the kitchen and bathrooms, and then encourage youngsters to get in the habit of cleaning up after themselves before they dash out the door in the morning and after helping with meal prep in the evening.

      Glass spray bottle:

      If you’re looking for a more natural cleaning solution, pick up a glass spray bottle and mix white vinegar and distilled water of equal measure in the bottle. Why distilled water? It doesn’t have any of the deposit-leaving minerals that can exist in tap water.

      And ditch the paper towels when it comes to cleaning glass. Instead, use a microfiber cloth or even a handful of wadded-up newspaper.

      Toilet bowl cleaner:

      Consider a “trifecta” approach for tackling your toilets. First, invest in disposable toilet wands that can be tossed after each use—a much more sanitary approach than keeping the same toilet brush around for months. Hint: Try Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubbers.
      Next, choose a natural toilet bowl cleaner that won’t drench your bathrooms in the harsh chemical smell of regular cleaners. Finally, consider using toilet bowl cleaner pods that help clean your toilet with every flush.

      Air filters:

      Cleaner air is essential to a cleaner home, so stock up on enough filters to get you through the school year—and then be sure to change them out at least every three months. Filtrete™ Filters can help defend against allergens and odors, which can really be a boon to your home’s health.

      Floor cleaner:

      Look for a cleaner that can stand up to floor grime without unnecessary (and potentially harmful) additives like petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or ammonia. Several floor cleaners today rely on natural scents from essential oils such as citrus and mint, which will leave your whole home smelling fresh.

      Tip: Don’t let your kids track in all those school-floor germs on their shoes. Have them take off their shoes upon entering the house.

      Before You Buy:

      The American Lung Association recommends that you read all labels to avoid harmful chemicals as well as cleaning supplies that can be flammable or corrosive*. Be sure to follow instructions when using cleaning products.


      * American Lung Association