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  • 7 Super Simple Tasks to Freshen Your Indoor Air

    Incorporate these seven easy actions into your daily routine.

    • Maintaining a cleaner and healthier household shouldn’t require hours of work every day. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the easiest tasks that take you little to no time but offer major benefits when it comes to improving the quality of your indoor air.

      Place a large mat at every door leading outside—and be a stickler about taking shoes off.

      Shoes can track in loads of unwanted outside pollutants and debris. Placing a mat on the inside of every exterior door is an invitation to family and guests to wipe their feet. Even better? Declare your home a shoe-free zone. Don’t be afraid to be the person who asks guests to take off their shoes. They’ll understand—and will appreciate your super clean indoor air.

      Ditch the wick.

      Lighting big scented candles may be your go-to for a calm evening after a hectic work day, but the soot that candles emit isn’t helping your air. Instead, try a Filtrete™ Whole House Air Freshener. You’ll get the benefits of freshly scented air without the hassle of keeping candles lit around the house. Enjoy the smell without the worry.

      Add some greenery.

      Adding a plant or two is an easy—and trendy—way to clean your air. Just remember that household dust can accumulate on leaves, so give them a regular dusting. Plants known to purify the air include bamboo palm, English ivy, peace lily and garden mums (bonus tip: you can plant the mums outside once they’re finished blooming).

      Buy organic fruits and vegetables.

      Choosing organic produce means that your fruits and veggies are exposed to fewer pesticides and other chemicals. Bringing home organic produce is a great way to keep those unwanted chemicals at bay.

      Make pet grooming a regular thing.

      Depending on his or her size, it may not be easy to wash your dog. However, taking a brush to tame and collect loose fur on a regular basis is a simple way to minimize pet dander in your air. Your pet will also appreciate the extra attention.

      Hopping in the shower? Turn on the fan.

      It’s as easy as flipping a switch—literally. Avoid creating a mold breeding ground by turning on the exhaust fan when showering. The National Center for Healthy Housing recommends running a fan for 45 minutes after a shower*. Side note: Make sure to double check that bathroom vents lead directly outside—moisture released into the attic can cause major issues later on**.

      In older buildings that don’t have a fan, open a window or keep the door cracked to keep air moving and prevent moisture from lingering.

      Install the new Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter.

      Set it and forget it. For the ultimate convenience, opt for our new filter to tell you when it’s time for a replacement. The filter’s sensor monitors airflow and usage to determine your filter life—then pairs with the app on your mobile phone via Bluetooth® to alert you when it’s nearly time to change it. See how it works here.


      * National Center for Healthy Housing

      ** U.S. Department of Energy (PDF, 4.09 MB)