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  • What Are Your New Year Indoor Air Quality Resolutions?

    Kick off the new year by learning more about the value of clean indoor air.

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    • The new year is the perfect time to revisit your goals, and brainstorm how to get cleaner indoor air for the year ahead. If you’ll be spending more time at home in the coming months, consider making it a goal to get better indoor air quality. When it comes to cleaner air, a little bit of work goes a long way. Complete these four simple steps, and you can knock this resolution out of the park!

      Understand the importance of indoor air quality

      Understanding why clean air is so important will help you keep it top of mind as you start working on your resolution. Americans spend as much as 90% of their time inside, and just like outdoor air can be polluted, indoor air can be, too.¹ Common indoor pollutants include mold, pet dander, pollen, candle soot and smog.

      Figure out fixes for improving indoor air quality

      Lots of things can decrease the quality of your indoor air, but the good news is that there are ways to mitigate the problems you want to fix. For example, if you want to make changing your HVAC filter on time a priority, you can download the Filtrete™ Smart App to get change reminders all year long. Or maybe, you want to get cleaner air in a specific room of the house: try a Filtrete™ Air Purifier to decrease the amount of airborne particles in your air. If you need inspiration or tips for indoor air care, check out more of our Home Tips.

      Make an indoor air care to-do list

      Writing your goals down on paper is good, but making an action plan is better! Start with one-time tasks: checking the size of your HVAC filter slot, reading up on the science of air quality or scheduling a system check-up with an HVAC technician. Then, move on to repeat tasks: write down what you want to do and how often you want to do it. Goals like “dust blinds once weekly” or “clean kitchen exhaust fan once a month” give you tangible tasks to check off your list and help reduce airborne particles that pollute your home’s air.

      Step 4: Stick to it!

      The most important part about making new year goals is sticking to them! Once you turn your indoor air care tasks into habits, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing your indoor air quality is cleaner for it—and that your New Year’s resolution was a success.


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