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  • Myth vs. Fact: The Truths About Fireplace and Candle Usage

    Hold that spark and check out these common misconceptions before breaking out a flame.

    We’re here to dispel some myths about candles and fireplaces.

    • If your first impulse when the temperature drops is to light your favorite candle or get the fireplace going, press pause and consult the following myths. From covering up smells to keeping heating costs down, you have other, smarter options.

      Myth: Using my fireplace is the only way to keep heating costs down during cooler months.

      Fact: On the contrary, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates homeowners can cut down their energy bill by 30 percent if they seal cracks, upgrade insulation, maintain or upgrade equipment, and set the thermostat smartly. Lower the temperature at night and during the workday, and raise it to a comfortable setting when you get home.*

      A few other heating tips*:

      • Replace or clean furnace filters regularly (check your furnace for specific recommendations).
      • Open south-facing shades and drapes during the day to let the sunlight warm the home and close them at night to keep drafts at bay.
      • Check that heaters and radiators are clean—and clear from drapes, carpets and furniture that might block heat.

      Myth: Candles are a brilliant way to cover up funky smells before friends and family arrive for the holidays.

      Fact: It’s in everyone’s best interest to get to the root of the suspicious smell, but scented candles are notorious for the smoke and soot they release into the air. If unwanted odors linger, try installing a Filtrete™ Odor Reduction Air Filter. If you’re looking to add a festive scent, consider baking a favorite seasonal dessert or attach a Crisp Cinnamon Apple Whole House Air Freshener to your filter.

      Myth: As long as I clean the fireplace chimney regularly, my indoor air quality won’t be affected.

      Fact: Despite a clean fireplace and chimney, smoke produced from burning wood can still dampen the quality of your air. For a healthier home, consider avoiding or significantly limiting your wood-burning fireplace use.