• Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    Get prepped for autumn with these seven air aware steps.

    Prep your home for autumn with these seven air aware steps.

    • It’s that time again! Crisp air and cool weather signal fall is here, which means shifting the home into a new season. Here are seven quick steps to keep that air as crisp as possible. They’re easy to do so you can check them off the list quickly and check into better home care.

      1. Dust

      End of summer means buildup of dust, dirt, sand, cobwebs and all those allergens that have slowly sunk into our living spaces. Dust off surfaces and clean linens and draperies to give the home a quick refresh.

      2. Insulate

      This can be as major as hiring a professional to replace insulation inside the walls or attic or as simple as swapping out window coverings for heavier drapes to lock heat inside the house when temps fall.

      3. Stop the leaks

      According to Energy Star, sealing air leaks, gaps and holes around exterior walls can save you up to 10 percent on your heating bills.* Add weather stripping on doors, caulk windows and check for drafts that can be sealed.

      4. Replace air filters

      The turn of the season is a good time to swap filters since—as a general rule—filters should be changed every three months. Replace it with something strong for fall, which is a season can be heavy on air pollutants, such as autumn pollen and smoke from wood-burning fireplaces. Filtrete™ Dual-Action Micro Allergen Plus 2X Dust Defense Filters hold twice as much dust as other Allergen Defense Filtrete™ filters—the equivalent dust of about 50 dry dusting wipes.

      5. Hire a chimney sweep

      For those with a wood-burning fireplace, hire a pro to inspect and clean the entire fireplace to have more efficient fires and fresher air.

      6. Inspect the furnace

      Make sure that hard-working furnace is functioning properly and consider installing a smart thermostat and/or programming it to lower heating bills.

      7. Add the apples

      Set the mood for fall with a Filtrete™ Whole House Air Freshener in Crisp Cinnamon Apple. It’ll have your home smelling like a fresh apple pie in no time with no baking required


      * https://www.energystar.gov/campaign/seal_insulate/methodology

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