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  • 7 Allergy-Busting Tips for Fall

    Don’t let itchy, watery eyes and a stuffy nose keep you from enjoying the season.

    Rake frequently—and consider wearing a mask while you do, as this activity can stir up the allergens.

    Spring often takes the heat when it comes to allergies, but the fall can be just as bad for some. This is, in part, thanks to an abundance of ragweed, whose pollen levels peak in the fall, affecting 10 to 20 percent of Americans, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)*. But don’t let watery eyes, an itchy throat and sneezing stop you from enjoying the crisp air and changing foliage. Instead, try these tips to reduce the effects and your symptoms.

    • Break out the rake.

      As tempting as it may be to release your inner child and jump into a pile of leaves, those who suffer from fall allergies should resist. That pile is a hotbed for mold and dust. Rake frequently—and consider wearing a mask while you do, as this activity can stir up allergens.

      Check for leaks.

      After running your sprinkler system and air conditioner all summer, do a quick inspection to look for any leaks. The moisture from a drippy pipe can cause mold.

      Hold the hay.

      Hayrides are a quintessential part of the season at apple orchards and pumpkin patches. But much like leaves, hay holds on to mold, dust and pollen. If hayrides are an annual fall tradition, don’t completely avoid them—just be sure to stay on top of your allergy pills or injections to combat the irritants before they hit.

      Do your homework.

      The return of fall means a new school year—and a host of fresh allergens for your child and your home. Score an A+ on allergy prevention by wiping down calculators, lunch boxes and backpacks, and tossing old homework assignments and papers—all of which have likely been gathering dust since summer began.


      When you pull those Halloween costumes out of the attic, they are likely covered in dust. Before it comes time to trick-or-treat, be sure to give them a good wash at 130 degrees to kill mites and other allergens. Pop them in a dryer rather than hang them on an outdoor clothesline to prevent them from gathering pollen.

      Change your filter.

      Because filters should be replaced at least every three months, the start of a new season is the perfect reminder to freshen your indoor air. Filtrete’s Allergen Defense Filter —which traps pollen, pet dander and other particles such as lint and dust—is ideal for allergy sufferers.

      Add a room air purifier.

      Welcome the new Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier into your home this fall to help capture allergens—plus unwanted pollutants, bacteria and more—from the air you and your family breathe. And did we mention that the device’s filter captures particles 1,000 times smaller than those visible to the human eye?


      * Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America