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  • Yay! Filtrete™ Smart App Now Works With IFTTT

    Enhance your path to better air quality and customize your connected home.

    Enhance your path to better air quality and customize your connected home.

    • We’re all about making it easier to understand and help manage your home’s indoor air quality and filter life. That’s why we initially developed the Filtrete™ Smart Filter and App—to simplify the process of changing your filter, providing real-time filter change reminders and monitoring outdoor air quality.

      If you’re a frequent user of the Smart App (available for Android and iOS), you already know it’s a game-changer to track filter life and order replacement filters. (Hint, hint if you didn’t already know.) Now, with the help of IFTTT, you can seamlessly integrate next-level connectivity.

      Here, we share how the Filtrete™ Smart App works with IFTTT and ways to get more out of a connected experience.

      What is IFTTT?

      IFTTT (aka If This Then That) is a free platform that helps all your products and services work better together. If you’d like things in your home to be more automated, IFTTT can help you get there, connecting things you already use (think: Filtrete™ Smart, Google Sheets, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, LIFX, iOS Calendar, Slack and Trello, among others).

      How does the Filtrete™ Smart App work with IFTTT?

      For now, the functionality of the Smart App you’re accustomed to will remain the same. This new integration simply triggers actions with other products and services based on information from your Filtrete Smart™ Air Filter and App. Some examples:

      • Need additional reminders to change your air filter? Use IFTTT to automatically create a Google, Outlook or iCalendar reminder or turn on a WeMo Smart Plug when your Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter life drops below a certain percentage.
      • Concerned about outdoor air quality? Match the color of your Philips Hue lights to the Filtrete™ Air Quality Scale level when it changes for your chosen location.
      • Want better visibility of your Filtrete™ Air Filter usage history? Auto populate a row in Google Sheets or post to Slack each time you add a new filter in the app.

      Currently, we’ve set up about a dozen pre-programmed applets on IFTTT. Create an IFTTT account to get started, and you can personalize how you’re alerted to an air quality concern. If you already have an account, search for Filtrete and you can seamlessly connect our applets into your customized smart home.

      Can I make my own IFTTT applets?

      Yes, if you prefer to make your own applet, you can. You get to control how your services work together. In the IFTTT app, select specific Filtrete™ Smart triggers to prompt any other service in the network.

      I love the Filtrete™ Smart App, why use IFTTT?

      We’re biased, but we love our app, too. That said, we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience, and we think this does just that. Integrating IFTTT adds layers of enhanced connectivity—and it’s just the beginning of what we have planned for the year ahead.

      What else should I know?

      Even if you don’t have a Filtrete™ Smart Filter, you can still use the Smart App to remind you when to change your filter. Simply scan the barcode on any of our air filters to begin a countdown timer in the app. With IFTTT, you can choose to prompt a Google, Outlook or iCalendar event when the air filter timer falls below a certain number of days remaining.

      We’re constantly working to update and improve the connected experience for you. Leave us a review in the iOS or Google Play stores, and keep your eye out for opportunities to engage with us through beta-testing.