• How Does an Air Purifier Work?

    If you could take an extra step to boost your indoor air quality, would you?

    Explore the innovation behind the Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier Filters and devices.

    • Every day, some of your favorite things at home—think: pets, candles, wood-burning fireplaces, cooking—release tiny particles into the air that can negatively impact indoor air quality. Fortunately, it’s possible to help protect your home’s indoor air quality without ditching any beloved items or activities.

      Read on to discover the benefits of Filtrete™ Air Purifiers and Filters, and determine how to choose the right filter and device to help keep the air in your home cleaner.

      How does an air purifier work?

      Air purifiers are portable devices that combine an internal filter and fan to pull in unwanted particles from the air in a specific room. Purified air is then circulated back into the room. The filtration process repeats several times an hour, continually boosting indoor air quality.

      I already use an electrostatic air filter in my heating and cooling system. Do I need an air purifier and filter, too?

      Using high-efficiency HVAC filters with routine replacements is certainly a good step to help maintain the quality of your home’s air—and the functionality of your system. Why not take an extra step to help ensure good indoor air quality? Filtrete™ Air Purifier Filters and devices can help keep a fresher-smelling home and maintain general cleanliness and better air quality.

      Why choose a Filtrete™ Air Purifier and Filter?

      Our True HEPA filter helps capture 99.97% of airborne particles*, including allergens, dust, lint, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and pet dander. Plus, every filter is electrostatically engineered to pull in and trap particles 1,000x smaller than you can see.

      We’re proud of the science behind our filters, which features proprietary 3M filtration technology. These products showcase our dedication to innovation, providing a variety of options to help purify air.

      Can I use an air purifier in an apartment or condo?

      Yes, cleaner air can be yours in any living situation—no HVAC required. Because no two living spaces or families are alike, we designed air purifier devices and filters for different room sizes—from small to extra large.

    The best air purifier for your home or workspace will depend mostly on room size, plus your lifestyle and purification needs. Find your size with this visual guide.

    • What is the best air purifier size for my family?

      The best device will depend mostly on room size, plus your lifestyle and purification needs. For instance, do you want a filter with extra carbon layers to combat odors? A room air purifier for allergens? True HEPA filter for maximum filtration? As filtration experts, we know the filter is the true hero to help improve indoor air quality.

      If you want to monitor and clean your indoor air all day, every day, a Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier can help. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect your air purifier to your smartphone, where you can use the Filtrete™ Smart App to keep tabs on your air quality and filter life.

      If I have an air purifier device from a competitor, can I use Filtrete™ Filters?

      If you have a small Holmes® brand device, you can now enjoy the benefits of a replacement Filtrete™ Air Purifier Filter for certain models.

      *As small as 0.3 microns from the air passing through the filter media. Initial efficiency value.

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