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  • Your Thermostat Guide to Year-Round Energy Savings

    Save money on your heating and cooling bills—without sacrificing comfort.

    • We all have those magic thermostat numbers that make us feel comfortable in our homes, but are we being energy efficient? By knowing how to adjust the temperature according to the season and time of day—as little as 7 to 10 degrees up or down from your normal setting for eight hours a day—you could save up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year*.

      So before you scold your spouse or roommate for messing with the thermostat yet again, consult this guide for year-round savings that will make both of you happy.

    • Fall and Winter

      The most important thing to understand about thermostats is that the smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall costs will be. This doesn’t mean you need to leave your family shivering around the Thanksgiving dinner table at a chilly 32 degrees.

      Instead, set your thermostat to the recommended temperature of 68 degrees in the cooler months, lowering it only when you’re away from your home or asleep*. For added energy savings, protect against leaks and drafty windows with the 3M™ Indoor Window Insulator Kit. The clear film keeps cold out and warmth in all season long, reducing condensation and frost buildup, saving energy and reducing heating costs.

    • Spring and Summer

      In the warmer months, a similar strategy applies. While you’re away, crank the thermostat higher than usual, turning it up to the recommended 78 degrees (or as warm as you can comfortably handle) when you’re home*.

      Save even more energy by increasing the thermostat 4 degrees while running your air conditioning and a ceiling fan—you won’t even notice the difference in temperature.

    • Any Time of Year

      Get a programmable thermostat. This will put your home’s temperature adjustments on autopilot, so you can truly set it and forget it. Program the thermostat around your daily schedule—when you leave for work, when you come home, when you go to bed—for optimum comfort, and energy savings, around the clock.