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  • Unlocking Cleaner Indoor Air: Why a Smart Air Filter

    Thanks to our Smart technology, taking control of your indoor air is easier than ever. Here, we share five reasons to choose a Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter.

    Be more air aware this winter with this handy room-by-room guide.

    • If you’re already using a Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter, you know monitoring and managing your indoor air quality can be as simple as checking your phone—or better yet, being notified and prompted to make a filter change. If you’re not familiar, let us share the top reasons that make it truly great. Yes, we’re biased, but this product upgrade can empower you to know your air quality and improve it through data.

      Smart helps you: capture the invisible stuff

      First and foremost, Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters are highly efficient at capturing millions of tiny invisible airborne particles, including household dust, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, bacteria and viruses, as well as mold and mildew. The higher the MPR, the more effective our filters are at reducing these unwanted particles from the air in your home. Smart filters start at MPR 1500, making them capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air passing through the filter.

      Smart helps you: know when it’s time to change your filter

      Once paired with our smart filter, the companion Filtrete™ Smart App gives you insight into filter status right from your phone. Smart filters are outfitted with a Bluetooth® sensor that calculates filter life based on air flow and usage—not just time. A filter’s life can be shortened by many lifestyle factors, including how frequently you run your HVAC system, and the Smart app gives you greater confidence to take action when it’s needed.

      Smart helps you: improve your home environment

      We take air quality education seriously and know that changing your air filter—though a crucial step—is just one part of the bigger picture when it comes to maintaining a home. Through the Filtrete™ Smart App, we share quick tips to help you stay on top of your indoor air quality game.

      Smart helps you: plus-up your smart home

      Filtrete™ Smart works with IFTTT, a free platform that helps your smart devices work more seamlessly together. We’ve pre-programed nearly a dozen applets for you to use from tracking each filter change in Google Sheets to automatically changing the color of your Philips® Hue lights when outdoor air quality takes a dip.