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  • Six Ways to Stop Dust at the Door

    Smart dust-fighting strategies to try in your home.

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    Want to combat dust without more dusting? Practice dust prevention—a smart move any time of year, but especially during the hot, humid months of summer, when dust mites peak. Try these six tips to manage the amount of dirt and airborne allergens that find their way into your home, as well as your time spent dusting.

    • 1. Insist on a shoe-free home.

      Just imagine all the dirt and dust, as well as bacteria, germs, chemicals and more, our shoes pick up throughout any given day. A dedicated basket, tray or rack at each entry will prevent a jumble of shoes from taking over while subtly alerting guests to your policy.

    • 2. Change the air filter in your heating and cooling system.

      A filter already clogged with dust cannot continue to do its job, so changing yours is truly like vacuuming your air; as particles get trapped in the filter, cleaner air can flow through. We recommend replacing air filters at least every three months but as often as every month for extremely dusty homes.

      Our “Super Dust” air filter, aka the Filtrete™ Dual-Action Micro Allergen Plus 2X Dust Defense Filter, gives you all the benefits of allergen defense, plus the best dust-holding power of any Filtrete™ Filter. Help improve your indoor air quality by capturing allergens AND holding 2X more dust than other Filtrete™ Filters - because a fresher, cleaner home is a happy home.

    • 3. Set out doormats, both inside and outside of each entrance.

      This gives family members and guests two chances to wipe their dusty, dirty feet. Use heavy-duty mats—the bristle-top type are especially effective—and be quick to shake out, clean or replace them as needed.

    • 4. Quick-clean pets that have been outside.

      Catch your little dust, dirt and dander smuggler right at the door. Use a damp rag or wipe on coat and paws. Brush often—outside, if possible—and bathe regularly, too.

    • 5. Watch your windows.

      You’ve noticed how dusty those sills get, right? Pay attention to what’s going on outside when you open windows to avoid letting extra dust and pollution in. Dust or vacuum screens with the brush attachment before wiping with a cleaner-dampened cloth to help cut down on what blows in when you’re simply trying to get a little fresh air.

    • 6. Seal up your home.

      Don’t let dust weasel its way in on the regular! Caulk those cracks and crevices, and add sweeps to door bottoms.