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  • How to Find the Right Scent for Your Home

    How to tap into the hidden power of fragrance to create a more welcoming, comfortable home.

    There is a strong mind-body connection between our sense of smell and our sense of wellbeing.

    What are a few of your favorite scents? Maybe you love the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven or the cozy, woodsy smell of a campfire. What about the sharp, earthy scent of recently mown grass or the citrusy fragrance of a freshly sliced lime?

    We all have powerful emotional connections to scents. But science is making it clear that scents don’t merely please our noses—they also have an ability to boost our mood. According to the American Psychological Association, “the more closely researchers look, the more evidence they find that odors hold sway over our emotions, our cognition and even our health*.” That makes for a strong mind-body connection between our sense of smell and our sense of wellbeing—one that you can tap into to create a more pleasant environment in your home.

    Here are suggestions for a few ways to infuse your home with mood-boosting scents room by room.

    • The bedroom

      Our bedrooms are our places of respite and romance, which makes a few scents especially appropriate for the boudoir. Fragrances that include calming lavender, sandalwood, orange flower or chamomile can help promote relaxation and could even improve your sleep. For example, try putting a small bowl of fresh lavender buds on your bedside table. To set a romantic tone, opt for scents that have notes of musk, floral and vanilla.

    • The family room

      Gathering spaces are a great place for soft scents that are happy to take a backseat. After all, you don’t want a fragrance to overwhelm your guests. Woody fragrances such as cedarwood or sandalwood can be good choices here.

    • The kitchen

      Experts say citrus scents are ideal for the kitchen, not only because they’re fresh and bright, but also because they can help eliminate cooking scents that you may not want to linger. Any members of the citrus family—including orange, lime, tangerine and lemon—are good candidates here. Quick tip: Cut a lemon in half and toss it in your garbage disposal for a wonderful zing of fragrance.

    • Whole home

      Filtrete™ Whole House Air Fresheners, which you attach to your air filter, are a wonderful way to infuse your entire home with a pleasant scent. Choose from five different scents—berry, cinnamon, floral, linen and vanilla. Pick your favorite and enjoy!