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  • Reassess Your Relationship with Dust

    A few minutes of light dusting Monday through Friday can turn this chore from dreaded into (almost) delightful.

    • Dusting can be fun. Yes, fun. Why? Because of all our household chores, dusting is so easy to tackle, yet leads to such rewarding results. By spending a few minutes dusting your home every day, not only will everything feel and look cleaner, but you'll also save yourself the hours of hard work required in the long run to remove months and months of built-up grime.

      The best way to turn dusting into an easier endeavor is by putting one or two ten-minute "dusting musts" on your to-do list each day of the work week. By the weekend, your home will be dust free. TGIF!

    • Monday

      What to dust: Kitchen         

      Refuse to let greasy dust collect in your kitchen by wiping down the backsplash, vent hood and appliances with a clean dishrag soaked in a vinegar-water solution-just be sure to wring out the dishrag before using. Don't forget to dust the items on your countertop, such as canisters and small appliances. Next, use your vacuum brush attachment along the tops of cabinetry and along exposed refrigerator vents. 

    • Tuesday

      What to dust: Bookshelves          

      Dust loves to collect on bookshelves and other ornamental shelving, but it doesn't stand a chance when you make dusting a weekly habit. Use a microfiber dusting mitten or lambswool duster to capture dust that's collected on shelves, books and decorative items. Do all the shelving throughout your home in one fell swoop.

    • Wednesday

      What to dust: Window sills, woodwork and baseboards

      Extendable lambswool dusters can be the ideal tool for attracting the pesky dust that collects on household woodwork and windows. That dust can turn to sticky grime in a hurry, especially on baseboards. Prevent it from getting a foothold by dusting all your windows and woodwork on one day. It's OK to be speedy-since you're doing this every week, you don't need to be perfect to keep things gleaming.

    • Thursday

      What to dust: Carpets, rugs and upholstery

      Today you're giving your vacuum a workout. Dust loves to land and burrow into our sofas, rugs and other textiles. Your vacuum is your best weapon. Once a week, run it over all your rugs and carpets. Next, pick a different room each week that will receive special treatment: a onceover of all upholstered furniture with the brush attachment. By the time you've cycled through all the rooms in your house, it will be time start over.

    • Friday

      What to dust: Lighting

      Lampshades and light bulbs can't reveal their true sparkle when they're covered in a layer of dust. Use a lint-free cloth to remove debris-but make sure the lamp is turned off to avoid burning yourself on the hot bulb. To dust a lampshade, a clean 2-inch-wide, soft-bristled paint brush will work wonders. You can also try a lint roller.