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  • 4 Things to Know About the Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier

    Meet our latest breakthrough solution to improve your indoor air quality.

    Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers are here to make clearing the air easier with True HEPA filters, smart home integration and easy-to-monitor air quality alerts.

    • Looking for a portable, connected device to improve your indoor air quality? Meet Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers, sleek, easy-to-use smart home devices that automatically clean the air you breathe in medium and large rooms.

      Whether you’re trying to keep allergens at bay or clear the air while hosting guests, our newest indoor air quality solution can help. Here, learn about key differentiators to know as you embark on your journey to cleaner, fresher indoor air.

      Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers integrate into your smart home ecosystem

      Unlike traditional room air purifiers, the Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier connects seamlessly to the Filtrete™ Smart App. This means you can control your air purifier’s fan speed and runtime from anywhere through your smartphone, while keeping an eye on the room’s air quality, temperature and particulate pollutants. And its tech-savvy capabilities don’t stop there: Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart home products.

      Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers take the guesswork out of improving indoor air quality

      As we designed this product, adding a built-in air quality monitor was at the top of our must-have list. And these room air purifiers do just that—automatically monitor, react and purify indoor air with the strength of electrostatic charging technology. Visual cues on the device itself display insights, too: the light on top of the air purifier lets you know if your air quality is poor when it changes from green to yellow, orange, red, or purple. Electronic touch controls make it easy to adjust the fan speed, check on the life of the True HEPA filter and connect to Wi-Fi. Whenever you need more indoor air info, this room air purifier has it at the ready.

      Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers have powerful filtration

      Each Smart Air Purifier comes equipped with a True HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of unwanted airborne particles.* Think allergens, dust, lint, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and pet dander—all can be captured by the device, then pulled in and trapped by Filtrete™ Brand electrostatic technology. Your device is only as good as the filter inside, so it’s important to change your filter at the right time. Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers have a filter life tracker that shows the percentage of filter life remaining. The Filtrete™ Smart App will also send you notifications when it’s time to replace your filter.

      Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers come in different shapes and sizes

      Winter weather may be out of your control, but the steps you take to care for the air are not! Start by familiarizing yourself with the Air Quality Index Before you shop for a Smart Air Purifier, pick the room you want to put it in—different sized rooms require different sized air purifiers. The medium air purifier filters air in rooms up to 150 square feet (think bedrooms and home offices). The large size cleans air in rooms up to 310 square feet, such as kitchens, family rooms, and basements.

      No matter what type of particulate matter you’re trying to reduce in order to improve air quality, a Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier gives you major peace of mind.

      *As small as 0.3 microns, from the air passing through the filter media. Initial efficiency value.

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