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  • Introducing the Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter

    Everything you need to know about the new filter that will revolutionize your home.

    The new Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter pairs with your phone to deliver change reminders when your filter's life is coming to an end.

    • We're probably not the first to tell you that smart homes are all the rage. In fact, 69 million households are expected to be "smart" by 2022* (compared to 33.2 million in 2017). As our homes, and all the products inside, become more informed, the gap between technology that is either too smart or not smart enough is growing. There are appliances that spit out more information than we can make sense of-and then there are tools we wish offered a little more.


      But here's the great news: We've struck the perfect balance with the new Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter.


      How it Works


      The pre-attached sensor keeps tabs on airflow and usage to determine your filter life-then pairs with the Filtrete™ Smart App on your mobile phone via Bluetooth® to alert you when it's about time to replace.


      Bonus: It's easy to get started! Here's what you need to do:

           • Download the Filtrete™ Smart App.

           • Remove the battery tab to activate the sensor.

           • Enable your phone's Bluetooth® setting and follow step-by-step instructions in the app to pair the filter with your phone**.


      Explore the App


      In addition to tracking filter life, the Filtrete™ Smart App:

           • Documents your filter type and size

           • Allows you to order replacement filters directly from the app

           • Pairs with compatible indoor air quality monitors in your home

           • Monitors the quality of the air outside

           • Follows air quality trends


      Notice a Difference


      How do you currently track changing your air filter? An alert on your phone? Time it with daylight savings? Wait until it's convenient or top of mind?


      Regain control of your indoor air by taking the Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter for a spin. With mobile alerts informed by your filter's sensor, there's no guessing when it's time for a replacement. Change reminders help keep your indoor air at its peak-all year round. Want more? In the app, you can also browse through tips to further improve your indoor air and overall home health.


      The Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter is about to make your life easier-and your house a whole lot smarter.



      * Statista

      ** Follow instructions on package to activate and pair your filter and mobile phone.