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  • The Ultimate Guide to Combat Stuffy Air

    Refresh the three most common areas prone to stale air.

    If your spare bedroom doesn’t have a ceiling fan, set up a floor fan to start circulating the air before guests arrive.
    • Refreshing the air inside your home may seem straightforward when you’re dealing with rooms that have plenty of windows and are used frequently. But what about rooms that go untouched for a while or don’t have windows? Let’s explore the rooms that often contain stagnant air and what you can do to improve indoor air quality in those spaces.

    • How to Improve Air Quality in the Basement

      Basements are often prone to stale air, mold and indoor pollutants. They typically lack good ventilation and are where people store household cleaners, leftover paint and other chemicals. Because of this, your basement runs the risk of downgrading the indoor air quality of your entire home*.

      If your basement has windows, be sure to open them for a few hours—weather permitting—to recirculate fresh air. If opening the windows isn’t an option, try the following:

      • Keep your basement as tidy as possible; don’t let musty clothes sit in the hamper and be sure to vacuum and dust your basement weekly.
      • Set up a dehumidifier to prevent mold and mildew—a common occurrence in basements.
      • Minimize the amount of chemicals kept in the basement. If possible, move some of those products to the garage.
    • How to Reduce Stuffy Air in Your Attic

      Another room that probably doesn’t see much attention in your home is the attic. People typically use their attics for storage, making it easy for dust to pile up. What’s more, even a small leak in your roof can lead to attic mold growth.

      Here are some simple ways to refresh a poorly ventilated attic:

      • Minimize dust and dirt buildup by going through your attic and throwing out, recycling or donating unused items.
      • If you have any attic windows, leave them open for a bit to recirculate the air.
      • Consider installing attic vents to the outside of your roof if you don’t currently have any.
    • How to Revitalize an Unused Spare Bedroom

      Looking to tidy up that spare bedroom for last-minute guests? One thing that might not be so easy to remedy is stale air that’s been sitting there.

      Be proactive and help get fresher air with these tips:

      • Cut down on dust by washing your guest bedroom sheets regularly.
      • If your spare bedroom doesn’t have a ceiling fan, set up a floor fan to start circulating the air before guests arrive.
      • Install a Filtrete™ Whole House Air Freshener to welcome your next guest.
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