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  • Get Organized: 7 Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    When it comes to staying organized, your smartphone may be your best accountability partner.

    These seven apps will help you stay more organized in the new year. Two women sitting on a couch, one is on her phone.

    If getting organized is a yearly goal, consider turning to your smartphone for help. From a digital family calendar and meal planner to a chore tracker and inventory manager, download these seven apps to make life easier.

    Cozi Family Organizer
    The master household calendar on the refrigerator is getting a digital upgrade with the Cozi Family Organizer. A shared, color-coded calendar of everything from after-school sports and happy hours to doctor appointments and fundraisers streamlines the family schedule, while to-do lists track chores for the kids and honey-do tasks. (Translation: “I forgot!” can no longer be used as an excuse.) Shopping lists for things like groceries, birthday presents and school supplies—plus a place to store recipes and your dinner plan for the week—keep your thoughts organized, and you can email it to others to help you divide and conquer. 

    Raise your hand if you purchase a new appliance, only to immediately throw away the user manual once it’s installed. Then, when something breaks, you’re left scrolling through pages of Google and YouTube search results trying to find a fix. Think of Centriq like a digital filing cabinet for all those manuals. All you need to do is snap a picture of your fridge, coffee maker, power drill—basically anything with a model number—and Centriq will find and store the user manuals and safety recall information, plus maintenance reminders and how-tos.

    Plan to Eat
    Cooking at home makes it easier to eat healthy and save money, but in order to successfully steer clear of takeout menus, meal planning is essential. Plan to Eat takes some of the heavy lifting out of meal prep by making it easy to import recipes from anywhere, planning which day you’ll make the meal based on your schedule and curating a shopping list of ingredients. If only the app could do the grocery shopping and cut vegetables, too.

    You’ll no longer be able to joke about your inability to keep plants alive after downloading Planta, an app for those who notoriously forget to water their plants. Start by uploading a picture of your indoor plants—Planta can even identify types you’re unsure about—and the app will supply you with the information you need to keep them alive, such as care schedules, lighting recommendations and even a plant doctor that can help you bring your greens back from the brink. Oh my planta, this app may make a gardener of you yet.

    Don’t sweep chores under the rug—use Sweepy to make them more fun and manageable. Organized by room, the app uses your visual assessment to prioritize cleaning tasks, creates a schedule based on how much time you want to spend cleaning every day, and allows you to assign tasks to roommates or family members (with a parent approval feature for kids). You can even turn cleaning into a game and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.

    Managing all the monetary aspects of a home can feel overwhelming. With HomeZada, you can keep everything organized in one digital hub, helping you stay on top of household expenses, regular maintenance tasks and costs, home values and more. Planning a remodel? HomeZada will track research, budgets, costs, photos and documents. Updating insurance coverage? A home inventory complete with photos, documents, receipts and videos ensures you’re prepared for any natural disasters or burglaries. It’s like having a home office manager at your fingertips.

    Filtrete™ Smart App
    Manage and monitor your home’s indoor air quality with the Filtrete™ Smart App, which syncs with Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters and Smart Air Purifiers. Our app reminds you when it’s time to change your filter and order a replacement for all Filtrete Air Filters and Air Purifier Filters—smart or not. Simply scan your filter’s barcode and set a timer for your replacement. The app also alerts you to the outdoor air quality in your area and offers tips on improving your air quality.