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  • Filtrete™ Smart App Updates to Explore

    We’re here to help you better understand your indoor air quality at home.

    Enhance your path to better air quality and customize your connected home.

    • The Filtrete™ Smart App puts air quality knowledge in your hands, helping you understand and help manage your home’s indoor air. Read on to learn more about our latest app release, why we made the changes and how it will improve the user experience.

      What to expect from our latest Filtrete™ Smart App update

      If you’ve given us a rating or written a review for our app, thank you! We are constantly reviewing feedback and making changes to improve our app and your experience. The latest update includes:

      • A new ability to add a PurpleAir sensor* to track and monitor indoor air quality
      • A new ability to link the app with IFTTT to automate services and enhance your Filtrete™ Smart experience
      • Ongoing improvements and refinement to our Filter Life algorithm
      • Improvements to Bluetooth® connection with Smart Air Filters
      • Ability to change your email on the ‘My Profile’ screen
      • Improved email sign-up experience
      • Performance and stability improvements

      Why we made the changes

      When we launched the Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter and its companion app, it set a course for us to continually evolve and improve how we deliver air quality solutions. With each app update, we strive to make the experience better and better, giving you seamless connectivity and enhanced control over your home’s indoor air quality.

      “We believe that in order to manage both indoor and outdoor air quality, we must partner with others who are on the same mission,” says Andy Boyd, Home Environment Connected Solutions Marketing Manager at 3M. “Our goal as a leader in air quality is to create a simple, seamless and secure air quality management experience. Integrations with partners like PurpleAir are key to building this experience for you, our users.”

      Adding a PurpleAir Sensor to the Filtrete™ Smart App helps you monitor indoor air quality at your fingertips and gain greater insight into real-time air quality issues.

      Be confident in your choice

      “One of the benefits of ‘smart’ products is the ability to make constant improvements,” says Boyd.  “You as the user can help us bring a smarter experience by enabling location services, notifications and completing your profile. That way, we can update and improve our filter life calculations and give you greater accuracy for your geography and home.”

      In addition to pairing with Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters, the app also provides useful tips and alerts customized to your home’s environment, and will notify you when it’s time to replace your filter based on air flow and usage—not just time.

      The Filtrete™ Smart App allows you to:

      • Track the life of multiple Smart Air Filters and receive filter change notifications based on real usage
      • Create a personalized timer for any other Filtrete™ Filter by scanning your filter’s barcode
      • Remember your filter type and size
      • Easily order replacement filters
      • Monitor outdoor and indoor air quality* and view short and long-term trends
      • Receive tips and alerts to improve indoor air quality


      *Indoor air quality monitor sold separately.