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  • Dust Removal 101: 5 Habits to Add to Your Daily Routine

    Use this work week checklist to tackle household dusting with ease.

    As with most household cleaning chores, the longer you delay dusting, the worse (and more time-consuming) the task becomes. It’s much easier to break it down into a list of smaller areas you can dust throughout the week.

    • Monday:

      Most dust mites are found in bedding*, so wash household bedding in hot water (120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit). While bedding is being washed, vacuum bed bases and mattresses.


      Tackle electronics—everything from computer screens to TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, printers and routers—with a gentle swipe from a microfiber cloth.


      Wednesday is for window treatments. Drapes can attract a lot of dust, but if you stay on top of this dust removal task weekly, the dust doesn’t have time to accumulate and stick to fabrics. Vacuum both sides of any drapery with your vacuum’s brush or upholstery attachment. Blinds are another notorious resting place for dust. A vacuum attachment can be a handy tool for dusting blinds, though you may need to take a microfiber cloth and work your way down both sides of each blind to make sure no dust is left behind.


      On Thursdays, think solid surfaces. To really make this task effective, purchase a microfiber dusting mitten, spray it lightly with a solution of half vinegar and half water, and go room to room, swiping the mitten across nightstands, bookshelves, end tables and countertops.


      Friday is all about floors. Vacuum carpets and rugs, or take rugs outside for a good shake if they can’t be vacuumed. Next, vacuum hard-surface floors to pull up dust and then deep-clean them with a damp mop. Don’t forget the baseboards! You can prevent that gray, sticky buildup of dust by running your vacuum’s brush attachment over baseboards every week.

      Bonus Tip:

      Always remove your shoes at the door. When shoes aren’t allowed into your home, dirt, dust and other grime are less likely to be tracked inside.


      *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention