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  • 7 Easy Home Upgrades for Better Indoor Air Quality

    It’s time to kick the living styles and daily habits that could be putting a dent in your home’s indoor air quality.

    Give your home—and your family—the gift of cleaner air this holiday season with a few simple upgrades.

    When it comes to home improvement, even small investments can make your space more inviting and feel fresh. Consider one of these seven budget-friendly items to help boost the quality of your indoor air.

    • 1: A new plant

      Volatile organic compounds are harmful toxins that enter the air from many common household products. Everything carries VOCs—from printer inks to paper towels, window cleaners and deodorants. Recent research presented to the American Chemical Society indicates bromeliad plants are excellent at removing VOCs. Other great options include peace lily and snake plants.

      2: A new vacuum cleaner

      Look for a model that has strong suction and a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. The HEPA vacuum filter traps extremely tiny particles rather than blowing them back out into your environment.

      3: Mattress and pillow covers

      Purchasing dust-proof, zippered covers for your mattress and pillows can help reduce allergens in the bedroom.

      4: A reusable microfiber dust mop

      Microfiber dust mops can get into the small nooks and crannies that aren’t easy for a vacuum to reach, grabbing those often-missed dust bunnies.

      5: All-natural cleaning products

      Next time you purchase kitchen and bathroom cleaners, reach for eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners with fewer VOCs. Look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice logo on products with biodegradable, low-toxicity formulas, or make your own cleaners from milder solutions such as vinegar and water.

      6: An essential oil diffuser

      Essential oils, including those made from clove, anise and ylang ylang, have been found to counteract some of the inflammatory side effects from particulates in the air**, while another study identified clove, tea tree, thyme and lemon oils as potential antifungal agents***. Bonus: Using a diffuser with fir, peppermint or pine essential oils will give a holiday aroma.

      7: A room air purifier

      Gift your home a new Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier and Filter. Available in different sizes suited for small, medium and large rooms, you’ll soon be on the path to cleaner indoor air—without ditching the dog, favorite homemade meals or candles.


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