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  • Wintertime Benefits of an Air Purifier

    Discover how an air purifier can transform your indoor air.

    Filtrete™ Air Purifiers work to improve indoor air quality, even during the winter season.

    • Cranked-up heating systems, increased fireplace use and tightly-sealed windows mean your indoor air might need a little help this winter to keep quality in-check. One solution: a high-quality Filtrete™ Air Purifier.

      Whether you have an HVAC unit or not, our portable devices offer an added layer of filtration to give you cleaner, fresher air. Beyond that attainable indoor air quality boost, here are four more reasons to add air purifiers to your home when temperatures dip outside.

      Shake up stale air

      During winter, it’s tough to get air moving because opening a window isn’t really an option. Luckily, our air purifiers can help transform your indoor air. Units have three to four fan speeds, allowing you to choose the right setting for your space.

      Trap unwanted particles

      All of our air purifier filters capture loads of unwanted allergens that contribute to murky indoor air. However, if you tend to cook frequently or have a wood-burning fireplace, opt for a filter with Odor Defense. True HEPA filters capture 99.97 percent of particles* in the air, including pet dander, dust, lint, mold spores and more. Note: HEPA-Type filters also trap pet dander, pollen and dust, but don’t provide the same high level of efficiency as a True HEPA filter.

      Cut down on bacteria and viruses

      If you aspire to have a healthier home, you probably don’t want bacteria and virus particles lingering in your indoor air. Go for the Filtrete™ Allergen, Bacteria & Virus True HEPA Room Air Purifier Filter to help trap these tiny particles and more.

      You pick the place—and size

      Does the air in one room in particular need some extra attention? No problem. Stand-alone air purifiers give you the flexibility to move them as needed—and stash easily when guests come to visit. Units even come in small, medium, large and extra large to suit different size rooms. Check out our buying guide to determine which air purifier is right for your home.

      * As small as 0.3 microns from the air passing through the filter media. Initial efficiency value.