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  • Essential Maintenance for Your Home’s Most-Popular Appliances

    Get your household ready for the holiday season with these simple tasks.

    Double-check that important appliances are working properly before peak entertaining season.

    • Since the bustle of upcoming holiday events is still just a twinkle in your eye, be proactive and make sure hard-working appliances are in tip-top shape. You’ll save yourself time, money and the hassle of major repairs during peak entertaining season.

    • Vacuum

      • Keep this essential appliance in peak working condition by using—and frequently replacing—Filtrete™ Vacuum Bags and Filters.
      • Filtrete™ Brand’s HEPA vacuum filters trap 99.97 percent of dust mite debris, animal dander, mold and pollen, while vacuum bags capture allergens, dust and pet hair.
    • Heating and cooling system

      • Swap out your air filter with each season. Filtrete™ Healthy Living Air Filters help capture dust, bacteria, viruses and allergens.
      • Clear some space around your HVAC unit. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the flow of air.
    • Refrigerator

      • Check fridge temps. If perishable items spoil too quickly, or produce (such as leafy greens) gets frosty, adjust temps accordingly.
      • Clean condenser coils to maintain peak efficiency.
      • Test the door seal by closing it on a piece of paper. If the sheet slips out of a closed door, replace the seal to ensure you’re not wasting energy.
    • Washer

      • Test hoses and fittings. Make sure all connections are tight and that there are no leaks or cracks.
      • Clean rubber gaskets and drums.
      • Clean drain pump filter (front-loading washers only).
    • Dryer

      • Check exhaust duct for blockages or crimps.
      • Wash lint filter to remove built-up residue that could block airflow.
    • Dishwasher

      • Clean and deodorize naturally. Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher and run a cycle on the hottest temp.
      • Remove and wash filter. You may need to consult the manual for this one, but it’s important to make sure the filter works properly to avoid strange smells.
    • Stove/range

      • Clean range hood and check fan/filter. If you’re a heavy stovetop user, this one’s a biggie for air quality. Consult your manual to determine how to clean and when to replace a filter.
      • Wash burners, pans and grates. Make sure you safely remove the parts and avoid abrasive scrubbers when cleaning metal.
      • Scrub gas burner holes with a stiff wire, and use a warm water and soap solution to clean the surrounding area.