Know the Facts.

Do you know the truth about your home’s air quality?

Managing your home’s air quality is important. But the truth is, most of us don’t know what actually impacts the quality of our home’s air—or even how to properly handle the culprits if we do.

Filtrete™ Brand conducted a recent survey and uncovered some pretty startling facts about how little Americans know about things that can affect indoor air quality.

Dust Dangers

55% believe that dust settles in 30 minutes or less after cleaning. But the truth is, it can take approximately two hours for dust to settle!

Cooking Catastrophes

Only 33% always use ventilation techniques while cooking. However, cooking smoke can create indoor air quality that is worse than that of the outdoors.

Mildew Menaces

Only 34% always run the exhaust fan during a bath or shower. But to reduce mold and mildew, experts suggest keeping the exhaust running for 20 minutes after bathing.

Filtrete™ Brand is breathing new life into this issue. We’re passionate about informing the public about indoor air quality, which is why we’ve created educational videos, illustrations, and even public installations to help people know the facts.

  • Filtrete Filters can help protect against cooking smoke
    Cooking Smoke Is No Joke

    Don’t forget to turn on your ventilation hood or open a window to cook up better air quality while you’re cooking meals.

  • Filtrete Filters help protect against mold
    Mildew? More Like Mil-Don't

    Mildew, more like mil-don’t. Keep your bathroom exhaust fan running for at least 20 minutes after showering to improve indoor air quality.

  • Filtrete Filters can help protect against pet dander
    Pet Dander Can Get Hairy

    Get the hair out of there! Regularly vacuum and clean pet beds to help improve your home’s air quality.